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@DNI basic dni crit, mcyt/dsmp stan, invalidate neoprns, validate bi/pan lesbians, anti any of my favs, solo stans, zoophiles
@BYF talk about music a lot, not spoiler-free, types in all caps frequently, prone to spamming, i vent often, i don’t tw/cw food,

Things to note • 3:47 PM

please tw bugs or anything that may trigger entomophobia
if i ever do anything wrong feel free to tell me :)
i do not condone anything my favourites have done
Profile izzy! she/him infp-t pisces ☼ leo ☾ sagittarius ↥ minor asian filipino-chinese ace genderfluid demisexual bisexual & taken multistan & multifandom hufflepuff cringe & unfunny close friends can use she/her only :D
Please Read Before You Interact! i have trouble handling my emotions and as such i struggle in dealing with hate towards me or any of my favourites. i can also be quite shy when i am surrounded with people i don’t know :(
Besties List! liz, yare, chole, sara, mob, det, mido, pot, vee, sana, claire, kara, ben, buzzy, ruck, mason, equi, enn ... thank you for being the sexiest motherfuckers on the planet ♡

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Loves! ♡ my girlfriend ♡, animanga, music (jrock, kpop, rock in particular), osu, harry potter, genshin impact, sitcoms, snacks, chocolate, candy, books, reading, drawing, writing, fanfics, ao3, wattpad, rain, dark places, boba tea, discord, travelling, doujins, sanrio, pastel colours, cute stuff, making edits :D
Hates! homework, math, being yelled at, getting up early, coffee, spicy food (mild is ok), hot & humid weather, seungri (but if you support him that’s fine), summer, ppl who openly joke about sexual assault D:
Ults & Comforts taka (one ok rock), namjoon (bts), choi in (e’last) … noriaki kakyoin, yasuho hirose, dio brando (jjba) katsuki bakugo (mha), the marauders (hp), enji todoroki (mha), jolyne cujoh, ermes costello, rohan kishibe, caesar zeppeli (jjba), kaeya alberich, xiao, diluc ragnvindr (genshin impact) + more